Welcome to varnishtest-exec !

varnishtest-exec is a portable Java library for varnishtest, the test framework for Varnish Cache. This framework is used by the Varnish project, and usually module (VMOD) developers. But as a Varnish user, you can and *should* use it too.

varnishtest-exec was named after commons-exec, which is a very nice library for external process execution inside a JVM. Despite being very old, commons-exec does a good job, and it's your only dependency when using varnishtest-exec. You'll probably don't want to actually use the library, so instead, have a look at the Ant task and the Maven plugin.

The Ant task

With varnishtest-exec in your Ant classpath, you can use it this way:

<project xmlns:varnishtest="antlib:com.zenika.varnishtest.ant">
    <target name="integration-test">
            <fileset dir="src/test/varnish">
                <include name="**.vtc"/>

For more information, see the task documentation.

The Maven plugin

For Maven users, you can use the varnishtest-maven-plugin instead:


For more information, see the plugin documentation.