Varnishtest Ant Task


This task runs tests from the Varnish testing framework. This framework is bundled with Varnish on major distributions, and actually uses Varnish under the hood. The first requirement is to have Varnish installed somewhere on your system. This task works with Ant 1.7.0 or any later version.

You can download varnishtest-exec from the Maven central:

Note: You must have varnishtest-exec available. You can do one of:

  • Put both varnishtest-exec-0.2.jar and commons-exec-1.1.jar in ANT_HOME/lib.
  • Do not put either in ANT_HOME/lib, and instead include their locations in your CLASSPATH environment variable.
  • Add both JARs to your classpath using -lib.
  • Specify the locations of both JARs using a <classpath> element in a <taskdef> in the build file. The JARs can be first retrieved using Ivy.

If you put varnishtest-exec in your Ant classpath, you can use it this way:

<project xmlns:varnishtest="antlib:com.zenika.varnishtest.ant">
    <target name="integration-test">
            <fileset dir="src/test/varnish">
                <include name="**.vtc"/>


reportsDirectorySet the directory where the reports will be written.No.
timeoutSet the per-test timeout in seconds.No, defaults to 20 seconds.
varnishdCommandSet a different command for varnishd, for instance /usr/sbin/varnishd for unprivileged users without /usr/sbin in their PATH.No, defaults to varnishd.
varnishtestCommandSet a different command for varnishtest, for instance /usr/local/bin/varnishtest.No, defaults to varnishtest.
workingDirectorySet the directory in which varnishtest will be executed. Since: 0.2No, defaults to the base directory.

Nested Elements

The <varnishtest:run> task supports a nested <macro> element to pass arguments to varnishtest. It also collects the test files from any number of nested file-only Resource Collections.


It is possible to pass macros to varnishtest with a -Dname=value argument in the command line. In your test case, any occurrence of ${name} will be substitued by value. Some macros are reserved and defined by varnishtest:

  • bad_ip: A bad IP address useful to test backend failures.
  • pwd: The test case working directory.
  • tmpdir: The test case temporary directory.
  • varnishd: This one is actually defined by varnishtest-exec.
nameSets the name of the macro. The name should be unique or else this macro will be overridden.Yes.
valueSet the per-test timeout in seconds.Yes.


  <file file="src/test/varnish/test.vtc"/>
    <macro name="backend_port" value="8080"/>